Care of Rope

How to take care of your Rope?

1. Keep your rope off the ground: Keep your rope elevated so dirt, grease, chemicals, and various debris can’t touch it. 2. Store rope out of the sun and excessive heat: Excessive heat can weaken rope, so don’t store it in a hot shed or attic. 3. Inspect rope occasionally for damage: After you use your rope, do a quick inspection for damage. According to REI, you want to look for the following defects:
  • Does the rope feel stiff?
  • Do you see or feel cuts?
  • Can you see the core?
4. Clean your rope as needed: If your rope does get dirty, wash it in cold water with mild soap. Rinse with cold water to get the soap off and hang up and let air dry. Don’t put rope in the sun to speed the process.

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